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Stretching for Flexibility & Mobility

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Corporate Fitness & Workplace Wellness

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*Specific results are not guaranteed. So the neat thing is, your results may vary, because every woman is unique, of course.

“The entire Coaching Team is the most amazing part of this; very very different than traditional fitness instructors and trainers. The coaches here are encouraging, supportive and help you modify the movements if you need it.” *


“After losing 80 pounds, and my hubby losing 60 with me, I decided to enter a pageant once again. After being crowned World’s Classic Tourism Miss WV, 2014, I went on to win World’s Classic Princess 2015 at the national pageant and here is the kicker, I won Photogenic!” *





The Total-Body Toning Method You Can do In Just 20 Minutes Per Session - at Home, the Office, or Even When Traveling. Short, effective and pleasant toning sessions are a busy woman’s best friend. So, our gift to you is exactly that! TTH delivers results you start feeling in the first few days - and visible improvements within the first few weeks. Your friends will ask; “WOW, what have you been doing?” 

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The Women's Gentle
Fitness Method

Our truly unique, effective and natural sculpting program will give you top-shelf results using a female-only method. Experience the feeling of "re-awakening" the YOU of year's past and see changes you never thought you could! You'll never think of fitness the same again - GUARANTEED! These spots go VERY fast, so reserve yours now by putting in your information to the form below: 


  • Slim-Down, Tone-up and Wear Smaller Clothes
  • End Frustration, Confusion, and Self-Neglect
  • Improve Energy, Moods and Self-Image
  • Super-LOW Impact, Ultra-Safe, Fun, EFFECTIVE
  • Anti-Aging, Youth-Rejuvenation, Wellness & Health
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Four Pillars of SCULPTAFIT

body restoration
wellness optimization
emotional enhancement
mindset empowerment


More Than Results Money-back Guarantee!

SCULPTAFIT is so confident that you will love your experience, see amazing results, feel better and feel right at home, were removing any possible worry or doubt by offering you an unconditional 28-Day, DOUBLE your money back guarantee. Give yourself a chance, join us for 28 days of The Method... And if after following it with us for 28 days you feel that SCULPTAFIT hasn’t been the experience you expected it to be, then we'll unconditionally refund your money, TIMES 2!