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The Food-Store Healthy Eating Tour: How to Food Shop Like a Fitness Pro

The Food-Store Healthy Eating Tour: How to Food Shop Like a Fitness Pro

If you missed our recent Food-Store Healthy Eating Tour, you’re in luck… Because Joey recorded it in real time and posted the audio right here for you…

Just click play to hear it:

Some of what you’ll learn:

1 – The Truth About Frozen Veggies and Fruits
2 – Two Time-Saving Strategies That Make Food-Shopping Trips Shorter
3 – One Way to Find Simple New Ideas for Delicious Healthy Meals
4 – Exploring New Foods for Fun and Variety
5 – A Time-Saving “Outsourcing” Meal Tactic That You Can Always Turn to When You Don’t Want to Cook
6 – Plus MORE….

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#1 Trick to Drop Excess Body-Fat DURING the Holidays

#1 Trick to Drop Excess Body-Fat DURING the Holidays

So, it’s almost that time of year (it’s going to be here REALLY FAST)

That span of a “joyous” few months where there are plenty of parties, family gatherings, office celebrations, short get-togethers, and the all-day food and booze fests on the big holiday days…

Gaining or Losing Weight During the Holidays Is Usually a Choice

Gaining or Losing Weight During the Holidays Is Usually a Choice

While some people find it easy to ‘maintain control’ during the holiday season
– many people find it a time of year where several factors converge to create a rocky time of year that triggers far more caloric intake, resulting in more weight gain…

And we all know the superficial cycle:

1 – You quietly promise yourself
once this holiday season is over, you’re “going to get serious” about losing weight and getting healthy (how has that been working the last bunch of years?)

2 – You start the “warm-up” on Halloween,
when all that extra candy and chocolate is around. One bite here, a chocolate there, and handful of these other things in between… and the destruction has begun (yep, the Holiday weight gain season all really starts around Halloween)

3 – Thanksgiving comes
and because of your multi-family situation (or maybe you have lots of close friends) you end up doing 2 or 3 Thanksgiving meals over the course of a few weeks… And of course we have the leftovers that can’t go to waste, right?

4 – Christmas and Hanukkah roll around
and so do the big feasts – LOTS of them… Also another multi-family and friend type of scenario where you find yourself celebrating several times and therefore eating (and maybe drinking) for every get-together…

5 – And we finally make it to New Year’s Eve… This is the night most people top it all off, “knowing” that January 1st “they are going to get serious about getting fit and trim once and for all”…

6 – January 1st kicks in
and you “have a plan…”

Maybe it’s Weight Watchers…

– or you’re going to start “walking” or maybe even “train for a marathon”…

– or P90X, Zumba, or “INSANITY”…

– or The Atkins Diet, or Paleo Diet, or the Blood -Profile Diet, or the ________ Diet…

– maybe NutriSystem…

– or maybe you’re going to dust off all that awesome exercise equipment you have under the boxes in the garage…

– Oooh, or maybe you’ve saved up $10,000 for some kind of “surgery”…

– of maybe you’ve hired a personal trainer at the local gym…

– or maybe you bought a “tech device” to wear on your wrist or arm that is going to be the answer…

– or maybe you’re going to do some toxin cleanse and shake mix combo that your “multi-level marketing” neighbor sold you on…

– or maybe it’s something else…

But we know where this all ends right?

A few weeks in – maybe even a few months… ALL IS DONE. Your annual “resolution” is a distant memory and you’ll just wait until the Spring to get yourself “back on track”.. or maybe even just wait until 2018 – so you can do it all over again…

Deep down, you’re upset with yourself… You’re frustrated… Maybe even angry – because you REALLY DO want to reach the goals you have floating around in your head, BUT you honestly just haven’t found something that you can REALISTICALLY keep doing WITHOUT giving up and quitting…

But That’s About To Change Right Now

The #1 Trick to Lose Weight DURING the Holiday Eating Season

Here’s the deal:

It’s a 2-Step Mind-Trick

Here’s Step-1:

Even the “failure sequence” I listed above is a mind-trick. See, subconsciously you’ve set yourself up for failure even before you started whatever it is you’re going to do, because you’ve only made a superficial “commitment” to get the results you think you want…

“THE PROBLEM is you haven’t made a true and deep mind-shift that gives your intention and desired goals SUBSTANCE.”

You’ve been operating in a matrix.

A matrix that keeps you on the same cycle of repetitive failure. But now you’re going to “wake up” and rise out of that dysfunctional matrix. Because it’s the ONLY WAY you’re going to achieve your true goals.

And Here’s How You’ll Do It:

You haven’t “had a serious talk with yourself” about WHY you have this excess weight you want to lose…

See, losing weight for the sake of being skinny and not feeling self-conscious IS WEAK. It does you no justice… it puts no foundation of strength under your intentions. Your desired goals are not supported by deeper, more meaningful personal values…

Your “reasons” for change have to be based on what the weight loss means to you…

– how it increases longevity

– how it improves your quality of life

– how the weight loss positively impacts your health

– how you want to be around for your loved ones and NOT be a burden on them

– how it enhances all the experiences you want to have in your lifetime (intimacy, ability to travel and enjoy yourself, etc…

Here’s Step 2:

You Have to Get Yourself Into a Suitable and Effective Program NOW

You CANNOT wait until “January 1st” to start another new year resolution… because the same repetitive cycle will bring you right back to where you started – just like the last bunch of years have done…

You need to be honest with yourself.
Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the clear truth. Have you been putting yourself first and taking proper care of yourself? Have you been tending to your body, mind and spirit?

The answer is most likely “No, I haven’t.” and that’s understandable, because modern day society makes it VERY hard for us to focus on ourselves the way we should be.

There is constant distraction after distraction pulling us in every direction, making us feel like our life is no longer our own and it’s so out of control…

Well – NONE OF THAT IS TRUE… Because…

Your life is yours to manage and yours to spend how you see fit.

BUT, you have to rise out of the chaotic mix that everyone operates in and start making your weekly plans THAT PUT YOU FIRST and allow you to take care of yourself the WAY YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO.

It’s really that simple.
Once you decide, then the rest is easy. You make your plan and the world will shape itself around YOU.

“We are here to help you not only implement this “shift” in your mindset – but give you the support, the community, the camaraderie, and the gentle, calming and super-effective Method here in the SCULPTAFIT Studio for Women, that you need in order to stay out of the Holiday Fat Trap this year – and EVERY YEAR after…”

Kim's SCULPTAFIT Sample Session feedback

Here are your 3 options to get you out of the annual cycle self-destruction and pre-mature aging:

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3 – SCULPTAFIT “Express” Method:
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FREE "7-Day Slim & Tone at Home" Videos

FREE “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” Videos

#1 Weight-Dropping Tip for Women in 40's, 50's, 60's

#1 Weight-Dropping Tip for Women in 40’s, 50’s, 60’s

Before we cover the Best Weight-Dropping Tips, it’s important that we cover a critical question…

IMPORTANT Weight-Loss QUESTION: Which of these have you attempted?

A – Fad-Diets: You’ve tried a few of these over the years. And what happened? You do it for a while, ‘maybe’ lost weight. But then you stop for whatever reason. And ALL the weight comes back, sometimes even MORE weight comes back… (And slowly keeps piling on as the years tick by).

B – Quick-Fixes and “Procedures”: These range from “toxin cleanses” to H.C.G. shots to appetite suppressants to “alternative treatments” (aka – SCAMS), and you know a few of the others as well… AND, we all know how those turned out right? NOT TOO GOOD.

C – Personal Procrastination of Facing THE TRUTH:
You know deep down you’ve let yourself go…

It’s no secret that you need to exercise and eat better. And buying a “gym membership” and not using it doesn’t count as exercise. However, you’re probably better off because most women who force themselves to keep going, either get hurt, or don’t get “the results” they desire. BUT…

– You KNOW something MUST be done… (You see it in the mirror and you ‘feel’ it)
– Your doctor keeps telling you…
– It’s all over the media… (“letting yourself go” is the best way to age fast and die younger)

And YOU are WISE enough to ADMIT IT…. BUT…

You’re confused (and rightfully so). You don’t know what TYPE of exercise you’re supposed to be doing… And your “eating” is all over the place…

It’s frustrating, no doubt…. (and you’re not alone with this issue).

Maybe you even tried a personal trainer in the past, only to realize that is a severely DYSFUNCTIONAL way of trying to get yourself into shape, and healthy. (most trainers want to “push you” on the weights and stack-machines like you’re an athlete or a bodybuilder… Silly, really.)

We’ll cover the essence of proper exercise in a moment, but for now…

Here are the 3 Critical Weight-Loss Tips for Women in 40’s, 50’s, 60’s:

1 – You CANNOT remain “sedentary” and expect to lose weight. There is NO MAGIC PILL that that can “slim down” a sedentary, sluggish & bogged down body.

Get this; you have 640 muscles in your body, and if you don’t activate them regularly, you get flabby, fat and sickly. So simple. That is a law of nature….

sedentary woman in chair

When you look in the mirror naked – you see the superficial symptoms of a body (and life) that is decaying and aging rapidly, right before your eyes.

If you’re sedentary by choice – well, then don’t complain when that reunion, wedding party, vacation or other “would be” fun event, comes around you don’t want to go because of all the excess weight you’re lugging around and you can’t find the right clothes to hide under…

*Start moving, keep moving – and the fat will gradually disappear* …

2 – You must eat in a way that SUPPORTS YOUR LIFE
(I’m not talking about dieting… Fad-DIETS are A SICK JOKE).

WE need high quality, nutrient dense foods and meals in order to SLOW the aging process, protect us against decay and disease, and let us live with strength, vigor, vitality and HIGH quality of life – regardless of our age.

You CANNOT eat garbage and expect to be in good health… wake up!! it just doesn’t work that way. If you’re seeking happiness in food – it’s NOT there. (we help women reverse these dysfunctions).

Oh, and medications & surgeries CANNOT replace good nutrition habits – and they can’t repair the damage done by constant consumption of garbage foods. (Just because trashy foods exist DOES NOT mean we are supposed to be eating them. We have to be ‘mindful’ of the choices we are personally responsible for.)

3 – You must respect, honor and protect your body
– the GIFT it is… with APPROPRIATE and Gentle exercise.

By stimulating it with PROPER gentle exercise – you *reverse muscle atrophy and you re-activate dormant muscles*, which NEED fuel – and that fuel comes from those excess fat deposits being stored all over your body.

Those metabolically active muscles start eating away at that excess body-fat like termites eating wood.

YOU MUST KNOW the proper type of exercise program that is APPROPRIATE for a woman. I’m not talking about a “gym program” with painful weights and awkward machines… Not talking about a wild dance class, or a brutal boot-camp….

NONE of that is for YOU, …

Your PROPER “Female-Focused” Exercise Program MUST Include:

A – Natural & Functional Movements that Stimulate ALL 640 muscles of the body so you can burn away excess body-fat and reshape saggy, mushy muscles…

B – Gentle and Enjoyable Programming that Makes You WANT to Keep Doing it so you can get ALL the anti-aging, body-toning benefits for years to come

C – Must NOT include risky or dangerous moves that can hurt or injure you

D – Range of motion/flexibility
to reduce aches & pains and increase mobility, stamina and energy

E – Accountability, Support, Camaraderie…

F – And it MUST be FUN

ALL of That Is Our Specialty

At the SCULPTAFIT Studio of Saint Johns, South Mandarin, Fleming Island – you can do ALL OF THAT… Because this is our specialty:

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1 – a Complete SCULPTAFIT Sample Session class & Studio Tour (you’ll know exactly what proper fat-burning, anti-aging exercise is like)

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with notes/suggestions on what you can do on your own

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sculptafit studio review womens fitness program
At minimum,
you’ll finish your Sample Session KNOWING EXACTLY what you should be doing to slim down, be in shape and get healthy again.

Oh and here’s another post from a few other “wise women”;

sculptafit studio review womens fitness program