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Women's Fit and Well Monthly December 2016 Edition

Women’s Fit and Well Monthly December 2016 Edition

December is almost done and January is almost here!!

And this edition of the SCULPTAFIT newsletter will help you make the transition in a positive and helpful way.

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Here are just a few sweet items in this edition of our newsletter:

1 – Festive Female Fitness (for Women of All Ages)
2 – “E5” Seminar Review
3 – Nikki’s Nibbles
4 – SuperFood Chocolate Bark (this is SOOOOooooooo GOOD!!)
5 – “Miss December”: Meet Our Client Spotlight for December; Lisa Wade
6 – Plus Inspirational Quotes, Tips and Recipes

And in the Season and Spirit of Giving – please do use the buttons below to share this month’s newsletter with all your female friends who can use the gift of good health 🙂 They’ll LOVE ya for it!