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Women's Fit and Well Monthly December 2016 Edition

Women’s Fit and Well Monthly December 2016 Edition

December is almost done and January is almost here!!

And this edition of the SCULPTAFIT newsletter will help you make the transition in a positive and helpful way.

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Here are just a few sweet items in this edition of our newsletter:

1 – Festive Female Fitness (for Women of All Ages)
2 – “E5” Seminar Review
3 – Nikki’s Nibbles
4 – SuperFood Chocolate Bark (this is SOOOOooooooo GOOD!!)
5 – “Miss December”: Meet Our Client Spotlight for December; Lisa Wade
6 – Plus Inspirational Quotes, Tips and Recipes

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The Female Body Has 640 Muscles

8 Life-Changing Strengths A Woman Can Rebuild at Any Age

As you read this, please keep this important point in mind:

“…your age doesn’t matter.”

You might be 31 or you might be 73 – or maybe somewhere in between…
But no matter what, at least one of the following 8 strengths will hit home with you – and quite possibly, all 8.

As a sedentary woman ages there are many signs and symptoms that become evident and obvious. There are also a few that are not so obvious.

Together these signs and symptoms of the aging body make the aging process feel like a fast downward spiral that cannot be slowed, reversed or corrected.

However, there is hope…

And the reason is because many of these declines and decreases are due to either a sedentary lifestyle or ineffective choices of fitness options. I’ll explain more about this shortly.

Quantifiable decreases in several key areas directly result in weakening of the body and mind.
Muscle wasting, bone-density loss, joint instability, decreasing mobility, lack of energy, poor mood levels and weakening self-image are just a few items on the list of unwanted milestones of adulthood.

A Woman’s Will Is A Woman’s Way

Fortunately, for the willing woman who isn’t ready to throw in the towel, there is much to be achieved when the desire to become fit is combined with a proper approach to do so.

“When a woman follows a properly structured fitness plan, she should expect to experience strengthening of many systems and structures of her body…”

Today We Highlight 8 of the Most Important and Impactful

1 – Muscle Strength

When muscles are not used they become atrophied. “Atrophy” is the medical term for shrink or decrease.
And when muscle tissue shrinks, we get weaker. In essence we become “less able”. Loss of strength means loss of ability.

This is one of the main reasons people eventually end up in assisted living homes. Simply because they can’t take care of themselves, can’t dress themselves, can’t feed themselves, can’t bathe themselves, etc…

The Female Body Has 640 Muscles

The Female Body Has 640 Muscles

Fortunately, muscle tissue and strength can be rebuilt at any age.

We have clients in their early 70’s who are experiencing profound improvements in muscle tone and strength. This of course leads to increased physical abilities – and a true sense of “aging in reverse”.

2 – Bone Strength

Osteoporosis is a major threat to women. In middle-age and beyond, when bones are not stimulated they, like muscle, lose density and strength.

“When bones become weak and brittle they are at higher risk for breaking…”

Some breaks can be a major setback for women. Hip fractures, for example, can lead to a cascade of other problems.

270 Bones In a Woman's Body

270 Bones In a Woman’s Body

If a woman has to be off her feet for an extended about of time, mild depression can set in and to cope, she may turn to food as a pacifier. The combo of severe bed rest and increased caloric intake is an equation that can lead to a place of no return.

The key is to increase bone strength through proper and consistent exercise, instead of waiting until it is disappearing, and your doctor has to break the bad news to you.

3 – Joint Strength

Our joints consist of a combination of parts. Bones, muscle, ligaments, cartilage and tendons are the primary parts of joints.

And your body has about 360 joints…

Individual Joints of Neck and Spine

Individual Joints of Neck and Spine

Yes, an amazing number when you first think about it.

“But if you stop to think about all the different ways we are able to move, twist, pose and stretch – then it’s not hard to realize this is all due to the number of joints in the human body; shoulder joint, knee joints, elbows, wrists, ankles hips, etc… And those are just the large ones…”

We were built to move. But, most people move less and less as their life progresses. And when we don’t move, the body adjusts accordingly. It decreases its own ability to move based on the requirements you are exposing it to (or not).

The key is, joint strength depends on regular and consistent joint use.
I want to emphasize “proper joint use”, which is very different than joint abuse. Joint abuse is what we see in the hardcore gyms, boot camps and high-intensity workout programs.

Those are not what we are promoting for increasing joint strength, because they can actually break joints down – which is not what you want.

“Joint strength and integrity come from proper use and stimulation. This is achieved by natural, gently challenging, movements that take the joints through functional range of motion. This type of mild fitness conditioning keeps the joints “younger and more capable”…

4 – Strength of Balance

When muscle strength and flexibility start to decline, so does balance. And when balance becomes a problem, the door is open for a number of tragic outcomes.

For example, poor balance can lead to a fall down a short flight of steps, and while a few bruises on the body can be easy to overcome – a blow to the head can sometimes be fatal. This happens more than most of us would imagine.

Strength of Balance

Strength of Balance

“Regaining balance comes from stimulation of the body’s balancing control system. The muscles, the brain and the neurons that all work together to keep us balanced can be enhanced and strengthened so that our balance improves, regardless of age…”

5 – Strength of Heart & Lungs

When the heart and lungs get underused, they become dormant and sluggish. They also become more prone to decay and illness. So, in addition to the loss of cardio-respiratory ability – the risk of life-threatening disease increases greatly.

Stimulation of the heart and lungs through enjoyable and consistent fitness programming keeps the cardio-respiratory system operating at optimal levels and offers us the ability to experience life in all the ways we desire.

Strong Heart and Lungs

Strong Heart and Lungs

For example, if you enjoy traveling, or some of the simple pleasures in life, such as a bike ride or a country side hike – then the strength of your heart and lungs is the key to be able to do all that…

“And when the day comes for having grandkids in your life – would you rather them be pushing you around in a wheelchair? Or would you rather be chasing them around, laughing and playing without restrictions?”…

6 – Strength of Mind

Strength of mind comes in many forms. Let’s just take “positive mindset” for this example.

“With a weak body and poor levels of physical and emotional fitness – the natural tendency is for one to live with a negative mindset. A negative mindset fuels negativity in one’s life…”

Strengthening the Mind

A Stronger Mind

Do you see that connection?

On the other hand, physical and emotional strength – derived from participation in a properly structured fitness program, fuels a positive mindset and therefore a positive approach to life and interaction with others.

This “strength of mind” carries over into all aspects of life, both consciously and subconsciously. This is in addition to the studies that have proven the increase of mental acuity and abilities that come as a result of proper physical fitness habits.

7 – Strength of Spirit

When everything gets weak, and we lose our abilities.
We get gloomy and dejected. Our spirit gets deflated and we lose “our essence”, we lose the spark of life that makes us unique and we lose that zest for living with a level of energy that emulates happiness.

A weakened spirit fuels an unhappy life.

Fortunately, turning this around is not a hard to do…

Stronger Spirit

Stronger Spirit

When we take control of our body, our wellness and our fitness we regain self-confidence and self-esteem – and this fuels a stronger spirit.

We realize the quality of our life is in our hands and not left to chance.

This wakes up a dormant spirit in the most profound ways…

8 – Strength of Libido

Depending on stage of life – this one matters to some, and to other it’s “not in the picture” any longer.

That is totally understandable, but for those who still have a libido, even if it’s just barely alive – it can be strengthened profoundly when the rest of the list above is addressed.

Think about it. When all the systems of the body are strengthened, enhanced and more capable – along with the improvements of mind and spirit – the libido has no choice but to be, re-awakened, rejuvenated and boosted to levels that may bring a few surprises.

reawaken strengthen libido

Reawaken and Strengthen the Libido

“This isn’t Fairly-Tale material. This is already proven and has been happening for years to those who’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon the simple answers that bring life-changing results…”

Life Is Profoundly Better When These 8 Strengths Improve

One might assume that a program which enhances all 8 strengths must be vigorous, complicated and time-consuming… But, the truth is – it doesn’t have to be…

“…Because, when structured properly the right fitness program for a woman can deliver all the benefits, in a fun, simplified and time-efficient method that can be followed for life…”

That is the key to envious longevity and living each day to the fullest. Together, these are nature’s path to anti-aging… what we call “Aging In Reverse” here in the studio 🙂

“Would you like to increase these 8 strengths? Just imagine how much better your life will be when you do…”


Our #1 Specialty Is Helping Women Rebuild and Enhance These 8 Strengths and We’d LOVE to Help You Do This

So, here’s your next easy step: Get in touch with Nikki with any questions you might have, and she can get you in for a Quick Studio Tour – or a Complimentary Sample Session… Here’s how to reach her:

A – call her (or text her right now): 904-891-3680
B – Or email her:

…After Nikki answers your questions, you can request a Complimentary Sample Session spot so you can try The Method for FREE, and you can meet some of the other amazing and friendly women here…

“Life is too short and too precious to live at 50% of your potential… Your personal potential will never be realized through self-neglect and endless excuses. Our sole mission is to bring you toward your top potential for life…” — Joey

sculptafit 930 wednesday session

Onward and Upward We All Go Together

SCULPTAFIT Saint Johns & South Mandarin: COMING SOON

SCULPTAFIT Saint Johns & South Mandarin: COMING SOON

Women of Saint Johns and South Mandarin will no longer have to wish for a fitness/wellness solution that is enjoyable, fun and effective…

Because that wish is about to be granted with the opening of the first SCULPTAFIT Studio at Bartram Oaks Walk…

We are aiming to be “Open for Business” by May 23rd, 2016 – yes, just in time for the time of year we all want to be in our absolute BEST shape…

And the women of Julington Creek Plantation, Mandarin, Switzerland, Fruit Cove, Durbin Crossing will soon have a fitness/wellness option that NEVER existed before – but has been desperately needed for far too long.

You’re probably wondering what it is and what makes it so different… And I’m excited to answer those questions for you 🙂

SCULPTAFIT is a method I’ve developed over many years in the fitness/wellness industry – by LISTENING to the complaints of many females who wanted a better way – but could never find it…

For many women, the first step in taking action for better health, a better body, a better mindset and a better life is very stressful.

  • She doesn’t know where to start
  • She doesn’t know what to look for
  • She wants to avoid mistakes of the past
  • And the more she “asks around”, the more confused she gets…

Eventually she either puts her “desires of self-improvement” on hold – or simply tries something for the sake of trying. Only to realize the thing she tried is not for her…

– Maybe it was too grueling…

– Maybe it was an “odd crowd”.

– Maybe she was injured.

– Maybe it was unrealistically demanding.

– Maybe it was just boring and flat-out ineffective…

Or maybe it was another reason, as there are many…

And this is totally understandable. Because the fitness industry still has lots of “evolving” to do. My main point here is that women still haven’t been able to find “their thing”…

But that is about to change – starting right here in Saint Johns, Florida.

I’ve been paying attention to what women hate about fitness and what women truly desire from a proper fitness program.

Yeh, I know what you’re thinking; “Wow, a man who actually listens?”

lol.. yes, not your typical guy here. And here’s what has evolved from hearing what has been missing and what is needed…

SCULPTAFIT is a proprietary method of stimulating the body, and mind, to spark enhancements, improvements and positive changes both on the inside – and of course on the outside.

No painful weights here – no uncomfortable machines… No “push harder” or “fight through the pain” stuff going on here…

But rather – we tap into the body’s natural triggers to gently guide it to its best potential.
Simple, natural movements on The SCULPTABOD Unit slow the effects of aging, reverse muscle-tone loss, strengthen the mind-body connection and put women back in touch with her “self”.

Many other desired and necessary improvements then follow, once the “switch is flipped”…

That’s just a short description of what it is. But if it resonates with you – that should tell you something… And let it be clear – we are the primary choice for women in the 30-60yo age range, who desire the best for themselves. I know this, because that is EXACTLY who I created this for. Simple.

Because of the local, specific nature of who we aim to serve – Private Client Spots are limited to a finite number, and once all charter client spots are taken – we will create a priority waiting list for clients who wish to be notified of spots becoming available – or of the next SCULPTAFIT Studio location #2 opening.

Being a “women only” method – the whole team here is female – except for me of course 🙂 After all, It’s only fair that I should have the privilege of meeting so many incredible women, for being the guy to bring this whole movement to life, right?

So, I may be stopping in here and there (especially in the early stages) to give a special seminar or group coaching session – but the amazing ladies of the SCULPTAFIT Team are going to be your guides, your experts, your coaches who provide that special, ongoing, personal attention to help you reach your most desired goals – and keep them FOR LIFE.

If you like what you’ve read and want to receive VIP early notice for pre-opening events & activities – then just enter your info below and we’ll be sure to keep you posted:

Also – after you’ve added yourself to the VIP early notice group – please take a look at some of the other pages on the site. A lot of time and effort have gone into sharing as many details as possible – so we attract the right clients and are able to serve the women who are needing this the most.

And please do share the website with any other woman you know, here in the Saint Johns/South Mandarin area, who may also be looking for this type of solution.

As we build a community of like-minded women, all striving to reach their best – we will be creating a movement with unstoppable momentum – the kind that makes a positive impact on the people closest to us – and on the entire world.

Me and the Sweet Team are looking forward to meeting you – and having you become part of the SCULPTAFIT Movement…

Kiss your painful Spanx undergarments goodbye… You won’t be needing them anymore 🙂

Joey Atlas
Chief Enhancement Orchestrator
Creator & Founder of SCULPTAFIT, The Method for Women (TM)

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