Private 1-on-1 Personal Fitness Training

Intelligent People Know That a Proper Fitness Program is Critical for
Optimum Health, Wellness and Longevity

By “proper fitness program” we mean Safe, Gentle, Enjoyable, Highly Effective and Sustainable…

trainer assisted stretching for flexibility in personal training session with nikki and nelson

trainer assisted stretching for flexibility in personal training session with personal trainer Nikki and client Nelson

Our clients appreciate a physiology-based approach to fitness that doesn’t punish them and hurt them – but rather, one that makes them stronger, better and healthier…

Low-Impact and focused-intensity are a few of the differences that make our unique method progressive, and better, for the average person seeking improved health and fitness in a well-rounded approach…


As a matter of fact, we instruct with an opposite approach we developed, called “LIIT”, and we focus on removing momentum out of the movements, so the muscles, fascia, nerves and connective tissue get stronger and more supple, instead of getting over-trained, torn and injured…

"LIIT" Certified Personal Trainers for Women in Saint Johns and Mandarin, Florida

“LIIT” Certified Personal Trainers for Women in Saint Johns and Mandarin, Florida

Our typical clients want a higher quality of life, and achieve that through benefits such as;

1 – Improved Body-Composition
2 – Enhanced Balance and Coordination
3 – Decrease of Excess Weight
4 – Higher Self-Esteem and Confidence
5 – Greater Mental Clarity and Better Moods
6 – Better Sleep and Rest Cycles
7 – Increased Energy Levels for All Activities
8 – Renewed Strength, Vitality and Vigor
9 – Improved Health/Medical Exams and Vital Signs
10 – Reduced Aches, Pains and Stiffness
11 – Reversal of Premature Signs of Aging (muscle weakness, loss of balance, etc)

We know that traditional hardcore training programs are painful, too long and unrealisitic for most people…

We also know that “doing it on your own” is very confusing, risky, overwhelming, and often ineffective…

We also know what most other facilities haven’t caught onto yet… That proper exercise MUST be safe and gentle, while still delivering DEFINITE, life-changing results.

personal training in saint johns, 32259

Personal Training between Semi-Private Group Sessions in the SCULPTAFIT Studio

The “Method” was originally created by Masters Degreed, Exercise Physiologist, Joey “Atlas” Gennusa – and then perfected with his Caring Coaching Team here in the SCULPTAFIT Studio

Our unique method enhances the entire human body while keeping the joints SAFE, no matter what age a client might be (we work clients ranging from 16 – 82 years “young”)…

We get clients into shape for all aspects of better daily living with a synergistic style of gentle “body-mind” re-conditioning and progressive conditioning…

Our proprietary method of SAFE training is supported by the SCULPTAFIT Training Unit with allows for complete fitness programming with body-weight, custom resistance-bands and carefully selected accessories fitness training items.

Your first, and best, step is to come try a Complimentary 1-on-1 Walk-Through Personal-Training session so you can learn what a properly-designed & personally-tailored fitness training session should look and feel like to you.

Call or text Nikki at 904-891-3680 to discuss your personal needs and goals – and schedule your Complimentary 1-on-1 Walk-Through Personal-Training session…

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