The Method

The Most Efficient and Safest Form of Body
Enhancement and Optimized Wellness for Women

As a middle-aged woman, you know you need some form of fitness to live your absolute best life. The evidence is clear – when you look in the mirror you can see gravity taking its toll – you do not like how it makes you feel – and how negatively it affects your life…

You may have tried some different programs – but never found “the right thing” for you. You’ve thought to yourself “there must be something better out there – something very unique – something for a woman like me.” And you’re right… SCULPTAFIT is exactly that.

The Method is delivered via 36-minute sessions, in a private group setting – for WOMEN ONLY.

Each session of The Method includes the following 4 proprietary elements of SCULPTAFIT:

1. LIIT (Low-Intensity Interval Training)

Developed and defined by Joey Atlas, LIIT is an essential ingredient of SCULPTAFIT. As you might guess – it is the OPPOSITE of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

LIIT, allows women to “get fit” without feeling as if they are on the verge of injury, or constant torture.

We’ve redefined “interval” in a way that is pleasantly improving women’s lives, that can be easily sustained for life.

2. Asymmetrical Variance

Also known as “AV”, in the Studio… This is the element of “natural body motion” that is weaved throughout all SCULPTAFIT Configurations and Sessions…

“AV” triggers better mind/body/muscle stimulation in shorter periods of time, while reducing risk of injury dramatically; and at the same time enhancing short-term results and long-term improvements.


These unique “machines” for women are clearly different than anything else out there – and they are the foundation of the Method…

With several patents pending, it is easy to understand the magic these units offer – once you go through your first session here in the Studio.

Yes, they look quite unique (and pretty neat!), but the “reason why”, becomes crystal clear as you progress through a slow, focused and gentle session – and you “feel” things you may have never felt before, even if you’ve “tried every fitness program out there”.


4. The BunGenie

As Top Specialists in Fitness for Women, it only makes sense that we also have a “small device” that laser-targets the worst female trouble-zones…

The BunGenie is also a ‘patent pending’ creation, specifically designed for LIIT and the SCULPTAFIT Method.

Words can’t do justice here (and we can’t reveal too much info here 🙂 so we just let this little gem “do the talking” during the semi-private sessions here in the Studio.

Those are the ingredients. And when combined – they create a powerful “body-mind reactivation”. This is the OPPOSITE of “deactivation” which is triggered by self-neglect and sedentary living…

It is also the antithesis of “destruction” – which is experienced when a woman embarks on an unrealistic approach to fitness. She feels like she’s doing something that she shouldn’t be doing. She feels as though she’s beating herself up – instead of enhancing her body and mind.

In other words; There are no isolation machines here…

  • No squat racks.
  • No kettlebells or Battle-Ropes
  • No ab crunching benches.
  • No dangerous weight sets
  • No Uncomfortable machines
  • None of that ‘stuff’…

It all makes sense when you are in the studio and you’re able to see what actually is in here. I can promise you – it’s something you’ve never seen before.

The average woman just wants to feel good in her own skin – to feel attractive and secure, WITHOUT trying to strive for a “ripped or shredded physique”. She wants to be in good health and she wants her body to be a projection of that good health.

She wants to be her best self – for herself and those closest to her…

She wants to slow down her “pace of aging” – to remain as youthful and vibrant for as long as possible.

There are some specific, visible things that deeply bother her : The things that “creep up” in middle-age – such as;

  • Cellulite
  • Saddle-bags
  • Belly-bulge
  • Muffin-Top
  • Flabby Arms
  • etc…

Those are just some of the visible things she wants to target and fix…

Then there are the things that aren’t so visible to the naked eye…

Her happiness, her self-esteem, her self-image, her self-confidence – just to name a few… She wants to feel amazing, from THE INSIDE, as well. And it’s quite possible her doctor has already started hinting about her health profile being less than perfect…

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Hormone/thyroid conditions
  • Osteoporosis
  • Depression…

Those are just a few threats that increase in risk as a woman ages – and without a proactive approach to wellness – the risk of these ailments increases exponentially…

However – when a woman makes the proactive choice – to cultivate a healthy mindset – and make lifestyle choices in line with wanting to get the most out of a healthy life – then the risk of any of those medical concerns drops dramatically.

And it’s not as if we all don’t know this – BUT, the challenge for the average woman has been being able to find a “good way” to do the right things in a natural and enjoyable way – a way that is more of a lifestyle, based on values and being true to oneself.

SCULPTAFIT is not based on a theory…

It’s NOT based on abstract conjecture. And it’s NOT based on the “this is how it’s always been done” mentality.

We leave behind the dysfunctional paradigm of traditional fitness & “working out” – and usher you into a modern method that stimulates undeniable changes in a safe and fun way.

In short – the SCULPTAFIT Method is based on real-world, experiential application of body-mind activation, proven to deliver enhancements, improvements and definitive results.

And it’s important to note – The Method doesn’t start and stop in the SCULPTAFIT Studio – but rather, we take advantage of modern technology and ease of communication to provide fuel for motivation, constant guidance and supportive community during all the other times when you are living your busy life.

By default, the collective mindset of society hypnotizes us into becoming a weak version of ourselves. There’s the unseen gravity that pulls us down into an unhealthy mediocrity – if we let it.

Once aware of this – we can snap out of the hypnotic state, see it for what it is and then rise above it by becoming the best version of yourself – making unhealthy mediocrity a distant memory.

Even more powerful is the effect you’ll have on those around you. Your friends, family and co-workers will sense the new you. Not just the visible aspect – but the spiritual aspect as well. The energy you exude and the positive vibes of an empowered woman will trigger, and increase, the awareness of those around you. You’ll be their inspiration for change.

You can think of it as a “parallel lifestyle immersion” – one that meshes with your current lifestyle and slowly modifies your thoughts, habits and actions in a very natural way – a way that bring the results you’ve been hoping for – maybe even dreaming of.

The method enhances full-time “awareness” and addresses obstacles that other programs can’t.

No more guessing. No more “love/hate” relationship with fitness. No more wasted time and frustration. That all ends for you, today.

You have been given the ultimate gift – your life… An entire lifetime, in one body. And it’s up to you to take the best care of it – and get the most out of it.

Listen, don’t get me wrong. There are some great wellness options out there. Pilates, yoga, barre, etc… Depending on the type and the instructor – these can be good for female wellness.

But all too often – there is something missing, something very important to a woman. The visible results. The true changes a woman desires. When those don’t come – the wellness doesn’t mean as much to her – and she loses faith and interest in it.

For the amount of time and effort she is putting in – she wants both PHYSICAL RESULTS and GOOD HEALTH.

SCULPTAFIT delivers all of that – and then some – in less time – with less effort…

The SCULPTAFIT Method targets all the toughest trouble-spots and stubborn problem-areas of a woman, while at the same time – stimulating optimal wellness, of the woman as a whole, on the inside.

It’s the ultimate fitness & wellness solution for the woman of today. YOU

When you’re at your best – not only do you reap the benefits – but so do your loved ones – because you’re giving them the BEST version of you. And don’t you all deserve that?

Yes – you do 🙂


So – What do you do next?

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